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        I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now, I live and work in Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up the youngest in a large, loud Italian family, I’ve always had to speak up in order to be heard. That may be how I developed a clear, strong speaking voice at a young age. As a young adult people would tell me that I had a great voice for radio, which I guess is better than being told that I had a great face for radio. So, I started down a path to become a voice artist of some type. But, as my Grandmother once said "Man makes his plans and God just laughs." Life took me in another direction in order to help my Father and the family business. But in the back of my mind I always had a little dream of someday being known as "the voice of"… something. In 2006 my dream came true when I answered an ad in the local Phoenix paper and became the stadium voice of the Arizona Diamondbacks. And from that, voice over jobs, and emcee work have started to come my way. I am now starting a second chapter in my life and for that I am truly grateful.